FJC drivers to benefit from the iZone expertise!

The state of the art iZone facility at Silverstone. Photo: iZone

Great news for all FJC drivers this season! Every driver registered for our award winning Junior championship will benefit from a complimentary introductory session at iZone Driver Performance....

The state of the art facility based at Silverstone Circuit includes dedicated training rooms, a zone room for mental conditioning and psychometric testing, a motorsport gym and three cutting edge simulators.

iZone use advanced training tools, coaching techniques and simulation technology to help drivers optimise their on-track performance and become ‘the best that they can be’ whether they’re amateur or professional.

The iZone focus is on the drivers understanding of how to achieve their ‘Peak Performance State’ through detailed analysis, structured skill development and a comprehensive understanding of the driving ‘process’ that creates quick lap times.

iZone simulators feature live data, comprehensive recording and analysis software, eye tracking, heart rate monitoring and biometric/EEG feedback to enable us to monitor real-time human performance data and use it as an advanced teaching tool.

We are sure all FJC drivers will benefit from this opportunity but remember you must register for the 2015 Championship before you can claim your session.

You can download a championship registration form at 2015 Registration and check out iZone Driver Performance for all the information on this fantastic facility.

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1 Jack Davidson 392 391
2 Nicholas Reeve 378 378
3 James Hillery 364 364