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Harry Gooding (above) was also a winner on his second visit to Norfolk - Photo: James Roberts

Another frenetic weekend in the Fiesta Junior Championship produced a 5th different winner of the season in FinSport’s Ronan Quinn and a third win of the season for Jam-Sport hotshot Harry Gooding, plus another pair of brand new podium finishers added into the mix for good measure.

Qualifying also produced another incredible front row a la Rockingham last time out along with some season best performances. Jam-Sport’s James Waite stuck it onto top spot with FJC’s latest contender Nicholas Reeve completing a stunning session to line up 2nd on the grid in only his second weekend in the Championship. Another personal best performance came from local boy James Hillery of HillWood Motorsport as he planted himself a sensational 3rd alongside Elliot Wilson, who won both races in the season opener in Norfolk back in April for Race Car Consultants. Elliot’s teammate Jack Davidson did well to take 5th fastest alongside points leader Harry Gooding, with Cooper Motorsport’s Lochlan Bearman back in 7th on row 4 with Danny Harrison. Rockingham winner Bradley Burns couldn’t better 9th and Ronan Quinn completed a top 10 that was only separated by less than three quarters of a second!

Initially Waite, a fast starting Gooding and Hillery broke away in the opening couple of laps, before technical issues forced both Hillery and Waite out before the end of lap 4. By this point, weather had begun to set in as a drizzle made the circuit damp and slippery for some. Two drivers who relished this were Lochlan Bearman and Ronan Quinn, the latter storming (no pun intended) his way through the pack to eventually snatch the lead from former teammate Gooding with two laps to go. Bearman quickly followed him through with Quinn claiming his first win of the year ahead of Bearman with Gooding completing the podium. Bradley Burns and Elliot Wilson drove well to finish up 4th and 5th respectively.

With rain setting in for the second race, some drivers opted to start on wet tyres in the hope it would last. Sadly, it didn’t stay for long and the brief advantage they gained was gone in a matter of laps. Neither did Quinn’s pole position advantage either, unfortunately, as he was forced out after just 3 laps. In the end it mainly came down to a dice for the lead between Gooding and Bearman, each taking turns in front before Gooding put Lochlan’s challenge to bed on the last lap, with Bearman somehow also forced down the order and ending up 7th.  Gooding swiped a 3rd win of the season with Bradley Burns 2nd on the road but forced down into 3rd after receiving a 5 second penalty for track limits. This promoted Jack Davidson up to 2nd in his first ever FJC podium.

Nothing much has changed in the points table with Gooding still at the top with a lead that has now extended to 11 points, with 174 in total after dropped scores. Giving immediate chase is Elliot Wilson as he fend off a charge from Bradley Burns 5 points back in 3rd. Carlito Miracco’s 4th place is now practically vacant after withdrawing from FJC to pursue other racing interests, meaning Lochlan Bearman is the defacto man to take over that spot ahead of Sikandar Hussain. The rest of the top 10 is filled out by Ronan Quinn, Jack Davidson, James Waite and Lewis Kent.

It’s hard to fathom that we’ve already passed the halfway point in the season, yet Rounds 9 & 10 will soon be upon us at the rapid and tricky Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire. While it may look deceptively simple on a track map, it’s by no means a place to take liberties with. It’s fast, flowing and does have reputation at time for being a car breaker! Who’s got what it takes to conquer Combe in what is now the most competitive season of Fiesta Juniors ever – and will we even manage our 6th different winner?

A fuller, more detailed report of the weekend will be available in due course. In the meantime, the full breakdown of the timing results can be found via TSL Timing HERE.

Scott Woodwiss

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Donington Park - 17th - 18th Oct 2020

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Current Standings

Driver Accrued Points Adjusted Total
1 Joseph Loake 206 206
2 William Orton 186 186
3 Albert Webster 138 138