Davidson was unstoppable all weekend at Silverstone - Photo: Jon Elsey

Back at Silverstone, Olivia Humphrey caught up with Race 1 winner Jack Davidson ahead of the second race later that day to find out how he felt about his win and what he was expecting later on.

So, Jack how was Race 1 for you?
Went really well, start was brilliant and just managed to keep ahead of everybody else

What challenges, if any did you face during the race?
Well Lochlan was following me giving me a lot of pushing as he is my teammate but unfortunately, he had a gearbox problem but definitely if he was still there it would have been a lot harder

There are obvious ambitions to repeat this success in race 2, but are there any obstacles to achieving this goal such as technical issues?
Not technically no, it’s just Scott Cansdale and Nicholas (Reeve) that’s going to give me a problem, hopefully Harry can come through and get a podium.

Being the driver leading the championship at the moment, do you think that it’s guaranteed or is there still some way to go?
Definitely some way to go, it can change quite easily.

Davidson rounded off a dominant weekend by completing the double later that afternoon and now remains points leader on dropped scores as the championship heads to Rockingham Motor Speedway this weekend.

Scott Woodwiss/ Olivia Humphrey

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