Hillery's weekend helped consolidate his 3rd place in points after dropped scores - Photo: Jon Elsey

Brands Hatch race winner James Hillery talked to Olivia Humphrey after qualifying last time out at Silverstone and had time to reflect on a weekend of contrasting fortunes at the meeting prior at Cadwell Park.

How was practise for you?
The practise session for me wasn’t too bad as I was still getting used to the track as we turned up late (yesterday). This morning wasn’t too bad with changing the tyres a bit and getting used to different suspensions with I think fifth quickest in practise, so it’s all down to qualifying now.

There is a chance of rain here at Silverstone, any pre-race nerves about that?
Yes, for me it was raining here last year at Silverstone it was fairly interesting, so should be difficult in the wet here as well.

Unfortunately, the last race for you was hindered by issues, are you hoping that this race might be a better one to remember?
Yes we had the drive shaft snap on the line at Cadwell park but it wasn’t anybody’s fault, just down to mechanical issues but we have sorted it now so hopefully it won’t happen again this weekend.

How is the championship looking at the moment for you?
Well at Cadwell we did not start the race so that put me down a bit in the championship but hopefully we won’t drop any points so should look promising towards the end.

James had a weekend where banking points was the best solution, as he picked up a 5th and 9th place in the two races at Silverstone. Coming back to Rockingham with bad memories of nothing but mechanical problems, Hillery will be eager to put last year's problems behind him and score some strong results this weekend.

Scott Woodwiss / Olivia Humphrey 

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