Kriklywi didn't seem to put a wheel wrong on his FJC debut - Photo: Jon Elsey

Back at Snetterton, a new name appeared on the entry list for this season's Fiesta Junior Championship. Danish youngster Magnus Kriklywi made his circuit racing debut with Race Car Consultants and Olivia Humphrey spoke to him about how he felt about the rest of the year.

You are the newcomer to Fiesta Junior, are you excited for this season?

Would you say that you are nervous, it there any pressure?
I do not think there is any pressure but I am quite nervous.

What would you say is the one thing that drew you to this championship?
Just the competition.

What would you say is the biggest challenge which you are going to face this season?
The gear changes, I think.

So what are you hopes for this season?
Just getting to learn the car and getting faster.

Magnus' first weekend went smoothly with the youne Dane picking up his first points and even his first top 10 finish for his troubles. Kriklywi now heads to the National circuit at Silverstone in the hope that his pace and confidence continue to grow.

Olivia Humphrey / Scott Woodwiss 

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