It was all smiles in Jack Davidson's camp last weekend with two more wins - Photo: James Roberts

As his bid to become the 2017 BRSCC Fiesta Junior Champion continues to build traction, Jack Davidson was a man on a mission once more on his second visit to Silverstone. Despite succeeding at a track that personally he doesn't enjoy too much, Olivia Humphrey was there to get his reaction to both of his victories last weekend.

How was race one?
It went really well. We struggled towards the start of the race but as the session
went on we found the pace to drive away.

Does this give you the confidence to do well in race two, or have any new
challenges been presented to you?

Definitely gives me a lot more confidence. Next race I just need to try and get off
the start quicker because it was not the best.

How do you feel you are representing Scottish motorsport?
I feel like I am doing quite well but there are obviously loads of other drivers out
there that are doing pretty well.

Starting both races from pole position and leading every lap of each with the fastest lap to boot, Davidson coupled this with top times in both practice sessions on Saturday to complete a Fiesta Junior "grand slam" of the weekend. Race 2 was just as straightforward as the first despite the red flag that brought proceedings to a halt and led to a declared result. Olivia was on hand to get his thoughts afterwards.

How was race two?
Went really well. The start was not what I had hoped for but I managed to keep my cool and just keep pushing and I got a gap. Unfortunately the red flag is not the way you want to end the race but that is just what happens.

How do you cope with the risks associated with racing?
To be honest when you are out there on the track you are not really thinking about
it as you just keep your head down and keep going.

How do you feel about the upcoming races in September?
I have not been to the track before so I do not know what to expect what the track
is like. I will watch videos before we go but we just need to see what happens.

There are sometimes big gaps between race weekends, what do you do during
those breaks?

Loads of schoolwork! The week before the race I start looking at videos.

Davidson's lead of 32 points in the standings means he has a race victory in hand as th championship heads north to Croft for the penultimate meeting of the season on September 16/17.

Olivia Humphrey / Scott Woodwiss

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