Mechanical woes brought a halt to Reeve's promising Silverstone weekend - Photo: James Roberts

It's safe to say that Nicholas Reeve's second visit to Silverstone last weekend wasn't one he'll remember in a hurry. Leaving Northamptonshire with zero points scored dealt a serious blow to his Fiesta Junior title bid with two race weekends left. Nonetheless, Olivia Humphrey caught up him after practice on Saturday when he was in higher spirits.

How was practice for you?
Practice has been good, yesterday we had a mixture of weathers as it was dry in the morning and rained throughout the day so it was nice to get an experience from the wet to the dry track. It has also helped today being P1 and P2, so we will see what we can do in qualifying.

What is the forecast looking like, and how will this effect your weekend?
Forecast is meant to be either a bit wet or a bit dry tomorrow but I have not looked but we will see how it goes, as it is England so it can be wet one day and dry the next. I am up for a challenge in the wet and I am up for a challenge in the dry. I have got to do the same thing and make sure I'm on top step or on the podium each race.

What is challenging about Silverstone?
The biggest challenge would be how fast it is. Every corner is quick and if you make one mistake on one of the corners leading on to a long straight then you lose a lot of time. So you got to make sure you are fast every single corner and not make any mistakes through your flying lap.

Did you have a good summer break?
Break was good as I got to chill out with family and went on holiday which was enjoyable but it is lovely to be back and I cannot wait to get back out racing with the Fiesta Junior Championship.

Reeve was running second behind double race winner and title rival Jack Davidson in Race 1 before a mechanical issue forced him out of the race on Lap 3. This lead to his Specialized Motorsport team performing a frantic engine change between races, but despite making it to the assembly area for Race 2 with moments to spare a small oil leak forced him onto the sidelines. Nicholas now has his work cut out make sure his chances of taking the 2017 don't slip away completely.

Olivia Humphrey / Scott Woodwiss

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