Olly Turner remains focused on this season despite his Race 2 accident - Photo: James Roberts

Jam-Sport's Olly Turner didn't see his Silverstone weekend end in quite the way he'd wished it to, as an incident with teammate Gus Burton left Race 2 being stopped and two Fiesta Junior race cars looking worse for wear. Thankfully, Olly was OK and prior to that second race, Olivia Humphrey manaegd to catch up with him.

How was race one?
Up and down I would say the least. I started 8th and got back down to 10th and then clawed back about five positions to get back to fifth by the end of the race, so very pleased with that. I am looking forward to race two and hopefully I can get on the podium.

Any challenges which Silverstone presents?
I would say how close the lap times are as there are tenths between each other. It makes the racing a lot more difficult but at the same time I like it because it gives you a challenge and you have got a long race ahead. People behind you, people in front of you so you have got to defend and attack.

You got a podium at Snetterton, does this add to the pressure or are you just

To be honest I do not really feel the pressure as I have just got to do the same as I did at Snetterton. So get a good start, take some people off the line and go from there.

Did you have a good summer break?
Absolutely lovely. I just came back from holiday on the Thursday morning and we got to the track Thursday night so it was nice to have a break and get back into the game.

But excited to be back?
Of course, definitely

Since Sunday's accident, Olly has been back out testing at Croft, the venue for the next two rounds of the championship, courtesy of teammate Matthew Greenwood and his car. With his original race car in desperate need of repair, the race is on for Olly to make it out for the final two meetings at Croft and Donington Park.

Olivia Humphrey / Scott Woodwiss

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